Brodsky Renehan Pearlstein & Bouquet is one of the foremost Maryland divorce attorneys and family law practices. All of our personnel and systems are committed to the aggressive and diligent pursuit of divorce and family law litigation. Our singular focus on family law in Maryland and DC means our clients receive the most efficient representation and best opportunity to achieve their goals. Why Us? >>

Your DC & Maryland Divorce Attorney

Everyone wants to avoid litigation in divorce and family law matters―it’s expensive and emotionally draining. But, the best way to avoid litigation is to retain a divorce attorney that is well known for court room success. Whether your issue is child support, child custody, divorce, or another family law matter, our firm has a reputation as an aggressive litigator. This alone helps to create an advantage and increases your chances for a reasonable settlement.   

Family Law Only

Unlike many law firms which fashion themselves as legal supermarkets, we do one thing only―family law. All of our systems and personnel are built to enhance the practice of family law.  It’s this commitment that stands us apart. In fact, the Bar Association of Montgomery County asks us to lead the family law update every year which educates all other area attorneys on developments in family law over the previous year. It’s also why we have maintained a decade plus presence in Washingtonian Magazine’s annual list of best Maryland divorce attorneys.

Efficient Representation

We have structured our practice to increase efficiency and help control expenses.
  • We have put into place technology solutions that are designed specifically to increase efficiency and save money for clients.
  • We have some of the best Associates in the area, each of whom is paired with a Partner. This structure means that Partners delegate tasks to Associates thereby reducing billing rates when possible.
  • We never double bill clients. This means if an Associate and a Partner are working on something together, you don’t get charged for both at the same time.  
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Our sole focus is family law. It is just one of the factors that make us exceptional child support attorneys in Maryland & Washington, DC. Whether you need help establishing, collecting, or modifying child support in Maryland or DC, our attorneys can help. Read More
Our firm is amongst the most experienced and prepared divorce lawyers you can retain. We have been practicing in Maryland and DC for over 60 years and focus solely upon family law. It's just one reason that we are among the most respected firms for divorce in the DC metro area. Read More
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