Family Law & Same-sex Marriage in Maryland

Same-sex marriage is not yet recognized in Maryland. That means same-sex partners must take independent steps to protect themselves. This White Paper examines the legal issues surrounding gay marriage in Maryland and appropriate legal steps like Domestic Partnership Agreements.


Cohabitation: Alimony in Maryland When Your Former Spouse Starts Living With Someone New

Many wonder why alimony payments should continue when their former spouse is in a new relationship with all the benefits of marriage except the actual marriage, especially when they are living together. Does Maryland law provide relief when this cohabitation exists? Are there available legal remedies?


No Fault Divorce in Maryland

The Maryland General Assembly modified the grounds for divorce. This is a major change in the law. It shortens the time a spouse, who does not have an agreement to separate or a fault ground, has to wait for a divorce to one year down from two years.


Maryland Child Support Guidelines

For the first time since 1990, the Maryland legislature has updated the Maryland child support guidelines. The new guidelines have implications for calculating child support in Maryland especially for the highest and lowest income residents. How will these revised guidelines affect you?


DOMA: Impact on Same-sex Marriage in Maryland & Washington, DC

Federal law under the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) defines marriage as a legal union only between one man and one woman. How does this federal statute impact same-sex spouses especially in Maryland and DC where it is legally sanctioned? What legal steps can same-sex couples adopt to shield themselves?


Who’s Your Daddy (or Mommy)?? Maryland & Washington, DC Family Law and Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART)

Over the past twenty years, radical changes have occurred in science, allowing persons to have children with assistance.  While these incredible steps have given hope to millions, the issue is that people are using these technologies without any knowledge of the potential legal ramifications.


Same Sex Marriage Info

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GPS & Technology: Divorce Friend or Foe?

Technology has become central to our lives. We use new devices and services without thought. However, technology is playing an ever increasing role in legal proceedings, even in family law and divorce. How? Find out in our article.


MD Child Support Abstract

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Hiding Assets In A Divorce: You Can Run, But You Can’t Hide; Or Can You?

Spouses will sometimes try to hide assets when facing a divorce. Offshore accounts, savings bonds, even a safe deposit box stuffed with cash are some of the favored tactics. On the flip side, cavalier accusations of hiding assets are made when the spouse, like a business owner, has complex business dealings. How should you proceed if your suspect hidden assets? How should you react if your are accused?


Meet Your Spouse’s New Private Investigator: It’s In Your Pocket

Whether you call it a cell phone, mobile device, or smart phone, today’s devices are technological wonders.  And the best friend of your “soon to be ex’s” divorce attorney.


Hidden Asset Checklist: What To Do If Your Suspect Your Spouse Is Hiding Assets in a Divorce

Sometimes in a divorce a spouse may try to hide assets in a misguided attempt to reduce the value of marital property. We developed our Hidden Assets Checklist to help you identify suspicious behavior.


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Maryland calculates child support using specific guidelines. This makes child support payments in Maryland predictable and uniform unless you exceed the income threshold. Read More
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