An Unexpected Journey to Reunification—Part 3: Reunited

The courtroom went silent as those in attendance contemplated this new bit of information Brian K. Pearlstein had just provided. How would the managing partner of one of the most highly-regarded family law firms in the area manage to care for this child? “With a lot of help is the answer to that,” says Brian....
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An Unexpected Journey to Reunification—Part 2: The Long Battle

Brian K. Pearlstein, managing partner at Brodsky, Renehan, Pearlstein, & Bouquet, made a commitment to Fanny and Giulietta, a mother and daughter separated by a complicated matter of US citizenship, and he planned on honoring it. He offered to help with their situation, which was a slow but steady crawl toward building a case that...
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The Treatment of Children’s Financial Accounts in Divorce

-written by Attorney Maureen Renehan When a married couple has a child, often times that couple opens a financial account for the benefit of the child. Some parents open savings accounts or trust funds when the child is a baby. Other parents may wait and open a college savings account once the child is school-aged....
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Alimony In The District of Columbia

-written by Attorney Edouard J.P. Bouquet An award of alimony in the District of Columbia incident to a divorce, legal separation or termination of a domestic partnership is premised on the notion that one spouse or domestic partner is economically dependent or disadvantaged and therefore has a need for support to meet their living expenses;...
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Upcoming Changes to Maryland Child Support Guidelines

-written by Attorney Maureen Renehan Child Support, In General. Child Support is defined as the payment from one parent to the other parent for the purpose of financially supporting the children. Child support is a right that belongs to the child; not the parent receiving it. Thus, parents cannot waive child support. Both parents have a legal...
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How the CARES Act May Impact Your Retirement Accounts During Divorce

-written by Attorney Maureen Renehan The COVID-19 Pandemic has had a financially crippling effect on many individuals. Millions of Americans have lost their jobs or their work hours have been decreased. As a result, many American families are finding themselves in a position where they cannot afford to pay their bills. The new Federal Legislation,...
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