Family law matters are difficult and emotionally trying.  They often cause uncertainty and doubt. Our resources section is filled with helpful information on a variety of family law matters.  It is intended to help you educate yourself on the divorce & family law process in Maryland and D.C.

Divorce & Important Financial Data

So it has finally come to this: you are ready to proceed with a divorce. This realization is often followed by uncertainty about what sort of information you might need in preparation. Whether your divorce is a mutual decision between your spouse and yourself or one which is yours and yours alone – an array of basic information is necessary.

Brian Pearlstein to Present in MSBA Series

Join Brian Pearlstein, Managing Partner of Brodsky Renehan Pearlstein & Bouquet, on Tuesday, February the 3rd at 6PM for the Maryland State Bar Association’s “Family Law Trial Evening Series: From Client Selection through Closing Arguments.”

Joint Custody & Passports for Children

It is a difficult feat to obtain a passport for a minor under 16 if one parent, who has joint legal custody with the other, refuses to cooperate. So, when faced with this road block, what may a parent do?

Do I Need a Rehabilitation or Medical Expert in an Alimony Case?

Litigation in family law cases often involves expert testimony. Expert testimony can be important to establish facts that affect the amount and duration of alimony. For example, when alimony involves a medical claim a doctor or medical professional may offer important testimony.The matter of expert testimony in Maryland alimony cases has recently come into focus in two appellate decisions.

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